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Lady Sharon Farley-Mason from Adlington, Lancashire has been nominated for the Positive Role Model (Disability) at The National Diversity Awards 2020.→ Read more
I have been nominated for the Inspire Awards 2020 Women in Business Award!→ Read more
A few choice pieces from our fabulous collection of artworks prepared for clients, friends and ourselves! Enjoy our collection of embellished mobility aids and accessories→ Read more

We are soon stocking exclusive handmade silver jewellery!

We are revamping our website, and adding some extra fabulous pieces, all detailed and bespoke, for our lovely clients and followers.

So we ask you… “Who would like to see solid silver hand-made pieces of jewellery on our website? These pieces have been designed and made especially for us by a local goldsmith in Lancashire.”

Take a look at this short clip of some of the pieces. We have exclusivity for these items here in the UK.

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I am delighted to say that I am part of a great community, led by the fabulous Jacqueline Winstanley, CEO and founder of Universal Inclusion.

Having recently also embarked on the Inclusive Entrepreneur programme, I was interviewed by my coach and mentor Jacqueline and featured on the company website.

Jacqueline is also a Glamstick Ambassador.

This is my interview with Jacqueline ..

we can do it bespoke for you, with a comfortable payment plan.

Using a stick that is of a suitable height is paramount for ensuring your comfort, safety, and a healthier posture.

Our Folding Walking Stick offers an adjustable height of between 32.5″ and 37″. It can be altered with the simple touch of a button. You can also pull up or push down the stick accordingly, before clicking the button securely into place.

Look good and feel good…

Check out our shop for more designs!

#Bespoke to you!