Chameleon Walking Stick (folding)


Folding stick

One That Really Shines! This Stick Is Covered With Iridescent Bling Stones That Dramatically Catch The Light!

All Our Sticks Are Now Available With Ossenberg Soft Touch, Please Email Me For Details


Product Description

When measuring for size please measure from the top of the handle where your hand rests to the ground.

Once you have added your shopping basket please go to the ‘shopping basket’ link at the top of the page to complete the checkout process.

As GlamSticks are hand made and each rhinestone stuck on individually please allow up to 28 working days for me to complete your GlamStick although I do try to be quicker.

Overseas customers are welcome but please contact GlamSticks to make your order as the shopping cart is not set up to take international orders.

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