A Titchy Bitsy Spider Crutch


Stunning, simply stunning.

A black crutch with black sparkling diamanté in the middle section, featuring a spider and its web, picked out in silver diamanté.

Also available with Ossenberg open or closed cuff crutches.

Price is per single crutch not a pair.


Covered in thousands of black rhinestones.

Featuring a spider weaving its web of sparkling clear diamanté.

Price is per single crutch not a pair.

Every Glamstick is a work of art, hand-made with love and care. Each rhinestone, gem or crystal is stuck on individually. Please refer to our Questions and Answers before ordering and email for further details.

You will need to allow up to 28 working days for us to complete your Glamstick.

Overseas customers are welcome but please contact Glamsticks to make your order as the shopping cart is not set up to take international orders.

Additional information


29 inches, 30 inches, 31 inches, 32 inches, 33 inches, 34 inches, 35 inches, 36 inches, 37 inches

Type of handle

Standard, Right-handed ergonomic, Left-handed ergonomic

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